What are COVID-19 Safe Travel Options for 2022?

What are COVID-19 Safe Travel Options for 2022?

There is more concern about a fifth COVID-19 surge in the world fueled by the newly discovered Omicron and Delta variants. This surge has happened as we are approaching the busiest travel week of the year. Moreover, there is significant uncertainty about international travel. We may expect travel bans in some countries with these conditions, and testing and quarantine requirements may vary in different countries. Nowadays, there are many risks associated with travel, and this article will discuss four COVID-19 Safe Travel options for 2022.

Instead of Booking a Commercial Flight, Try the Safe Private Charter

Following the research done by medical experts, the spread of Coronavirus is directly between people. Crowded places are ideal locations where this virus can affect many people all at once. When an infected person coughs or sneezes and releases droplets into the air, other healthy people may breathe in these droplets and get infected. Even though the air in many airplanes is well filtered, you can avoid coming into contact with other passengers who may be sick, and you contract the disease. If you attend an important meeting or plan to take your family on a vacation, it is safe to consider a private jet charter. Chartering a private jet with a reputable company will give you and your family safe and unforgettable moments.

Rent a Private Home Instead of Booking Hotels

Many hotels during the festive seasons are fully booked and thus congested. Therefore, if you plan to go for a vacation with your family or loved ones, it would be better to consider renting a private home instead of going to these hotels. In these hotels, there are many people from different locations, and you may not know their COVID-19 status, and you may end up infecting yourself or your loved ones. People traffic in these places does not give the workers enough time to disinfect surfaces touched mainly by the visitors. In private homes, on the other hand, you are protected from interactions with strangers.

In addition, surfaces in these homes are well disinfected, thus mitigating the disease’s risks. Also, the amenities in these private homes are entirely personal, and you don’t have to worry about getting infections. For example, a swimming pool in a hotel may be well chlorinated, thus being safe to swim in, but the people you interact with within these areas pose the risks of spreading the disease. A private home helps you avoid such troubles.

When Using Public Transport Systems Book the Earliest Departure of the Day

There are occasions when you are forced to use public transportation. It is advisable to book the earliest departure in such a case, a plane, a train, or a bus. These are the best options because there is an excellent likelihood they were heavily disinfected during the night, thus less contaminated. However, you will need to disinfect your sitting area, but this travel option eliminates the risks of contracting COVID-19 from contaminated surfaces.

Instead of a Rideshare to Your Destination, Consider Renting a Car

The health ministry forced all rideshare providers to adopt new safety and protocols to avoid the spread of COVID-19. However, despite the adoption and application of these measures, rideshares involve coming into proximity with other people who may be infected. The good news is you can mitigate this risk by renting a personal car to your destination.

There is a good chance the people you are interacting with are your family or close friends whom you know have their COVID-19 status in a private vehicle. Moreover, car lending companies have adopted new disinfection procedures to ensure their clients do not contract the infection from contaminated car surfaces. Furthermore, you can disinfect the car once to get it from the dealer to ensure your safety while using it.

Bottom Line

We live in a very uncertain time after another surge of COVID-19 infections worldwide. Traveling from one place to another puts us at risk of contracting the novel COVID. However, several COVID-19 safe travel options can ensure our well-being. Private jet travel helps us avoid interacting with many people on commercial flights. Besides, when traveling, it is safe to book a private home rather than living in a congested hotel where you can contract the disease. It is safe for people who use public transportation to secure early departures because they are better fumigated than the rest. Finally, renting a personal car to your destination is safer instead of using rideshare. Private cars mitigate the problem of coming to proximity with strangers who may infect you.

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