10 Mind-Boggling Health Issues That Influence Men’s Sexual Health

10 Mind-Boggling Health Issues That Influence Men’s Sexual Health

30-Second Summary

  • Several health factors like diabetes, hypertension, spinal injury, and low testosterone often lead to poor for men sexual health.
  • Bad habits like smoking, excess alcohol, lack of exercise, drug abuse may cause poor sexual health.
  • Ask your doctor if some medication he prescribed may lower your testosterone levels and your sex health problems.  
  • For better sexual health, eat healthy food, exercise, lose weight, avoid stress, sleep more, and reduce depression.
  • Some men suffer from sexual health problems even after having good habits, diet, or exercise. 
  • In the end, take male enhancements prescribed by your doctor. Or take natural male testosterone boosters after you are satisfied with several reviews.


Habits are what define us, and they are a part of life. Creating good habits makes us better people, and we get better health. Healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, exercising, not smoking, and avoiding keep you fit to overcome diseases. However, bad habits such as smoking, drug abuse, eating junk food, and taking excess alcohol affect sexual and overall health. 

As a man, your sex life is important. To some extent, it makes you feel more like a man. But be aware of any risk to your sex life and how to protect it. Many couples have issues that mostly start because of poor sex life from either of the partners.

Here are some health factors to protect your sex life and keep you safe.

  1. Smoking – According to research, men who smoke are more likely to develop sex-related issues, such as erectile dysfunction and infertility. Cigarette smoke contains toxins that can damage sperms which eventually brings about impotence and weak male orgasm. Quitting smoking will have a positive effect on your sex life. In case you are having trouble quitting smoking, consult your doctor. Join organizations that will help you quit effortlessly. You could also try to talk to those who quit smoking to help you overcome any difficulty you have.
  2. Eating junk food excessively – Taking too much junk food fills you up with simple sugars, fats, and refined carbs. Junk food may lead to heart diseases due to cholesterol and fats that affect your blood flow.  This affects how well you perform during sex. So, make sure you have a healthy eating plan to keep your sexual performance at optimum levels.
  3. Excessive stress – Stress is a stimulant or catalyst for many health issues. When you stay constantly stressed, your stress hormones dominate for long periods. Stress leads to the production of cortisol hormone, which also affects testosterone levels.  So much that when the cortisol hormone rises, testosterone levels fall. Studies show testosterone hormone is responsible for male sexual functions and a strong male orgasmAvoid staying stressed by figuring out the cause of stress and dealing with them. Some ways to deal with stress include taking a walk, yoga, meditation, exercise, or entertainment.
  4. Injury to the spine – Some injuries to the spinal cord may destroy some nerves. Sex signals won’t reach your brain and the sexual organs like the penis. Also, a man with spine injury may get an erection but fail to ejaculate.  Others may develop erectile dysfunction, while some fail to produce testosterone due to the injuries. Fortunately, many medications and devices may help return erections, boost sexual stamina in men, allow ejaculation, and improve sexual performance.
  5. Depression – When depressed, you may feel down, worthless, hopeless, and overreactive to various issues. Continued depression affects your sex drive as you lose interest and can’t perform.  Depressed men don’t get an erection that is sufficient for sex. Remember, when the brain gets affected by depression, sex signals get interrupted. So, should you have a low sex drive, tell your doctor who will establish if you are depressed. The signs will be all over, as you may feel sad, anxious, and guilty. Ultimately, you can go for counseling to remedy the situation and get back your sex life.
  6. Diabetes – Quite often, diabetic men have problems with their blood flow, especially those who have trouble controlling their blood sugar levels. Due to the problems with blood flow, diabetic people might experience problems with their erection since blood doesn’t flow to the penis.  Little or interrupted blood circulation may cause erectile dysfunction and poor sex performance. Therefore, if you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar levels low for better sexual health and talk to your doctor.
  7. Exercise – Exercising helps boost sexual stamina in men and keeps them fit and healthy. It helps you lose weight and avoid obesity. Overweight men are more likely to get erectile dysfunctions, which is a blow to your sex life.  When you exercise, you become physically active, and you are likely to have better sexual function. Studies show you get health benefits if you exercise moderately for about 150 minutes weekly or light workout for 6 hours a week.
  8. Heart-related problems – Heart problems don’t only affect your heart, but your sex life too. Some anomalies, such as clogged arteries, limit the blood supply to your penis, making erections weak. Other problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels lead to erectile dysfunction.
  9. Alcohol – Too much alcohol affects how your hormones get produced, which leads to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels at least 30 minutes after heavy drinking by about 30%, albeit temporarily.  Due to lower testosterone, you may lose hair in the face and chest. You might even become infertile. Unfortunately, too, you may get several other sex-related diseases after drinking and getting into unprotected and irresponsible sex with high-risk partners. E.g., sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. 
  10. Medication – Some drugs affect your testosterone levels. Others may inhibit the production of testosterone, making you lose your normal sexual urge. Some treatments also put you at risk of erectile dysfunction. So, consult your doctor about any side effects you may be experiencing.

Try Male Enhancement Supplements for Men Sexual Health

It is sad and depressing to experience sexual health problems. Sexual health problems lead to a breakup of relationships. When you have low testosterone levels plus sex-related problems, your doctor may recommend male enhancement supplements for you. 

These products may help keep your testosterone levels normal and increase your libido. If in doubt, ask your physician to recommend the best testosterone booster for men to help you manage your condition. 

Before you take male enhancement pills, look for natural supplements such as Maasalong. In the absence of a doctor, you can read several Maasalong reviews to see if this male enhancement may help you. 


Your sex life is part of your life. It’s important to maintain high sexual performance, which is fulfilling for better relationships and health. Ensure you take a proper diet that does not affect your sex life in any way. 

Avoid harmful habits such as smoking and excess alcohol intake that may put your sexual life at risk. If sex problems overwhelm you, your doctor may prescribe the best testosterone booster for men.

But, though some male enhancement pills may work for you, you must exercise caution and do enough research. You can try natural supplements. Some organic male enhancement supplements like Masalong may raise your testosterone, increase sperm count, and boost your sexual health. A portion of Maasalong reviews says the supplement may be the solution you need.

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